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Prices & Packages

In this section you can find listed prices & packages for multiple ocassions

Portraits Package

This package is designed to represent you, it can be done in studio or outdoors. Its convenient for families, singles.


1 hour photoshoot

1 dress combination

15 HDR Shots

Price : 185 Euros

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Representing the Artist -
Package 1

Package designed for artists of any sort, musicians and zzp-ers. Each seshion is unique and It can be done either in studio or on another location, depending on your needs. 

1h30 mins shoot

3 dress combinations

20 HDR shots

Price : 280 euros

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Representing the Artist- Package 2

Similar to package 1, only more suitable for ensembles of

2 people and more. In this package as an ensemble you would get: 


2h professional studio shoot

2 dress combinations

20 group HDR shots

2 portrait shots with your instrument per member

Price : 130 euros per ensemble member


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LinkedIn Package

Are you looking for a shorter photo seshion for a Business profile, or for LinkedIn?

In this package you will get : 

30min professional studio-shoot

5 HDR Photos by your choice

Price : 105 euros

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Black Bodysuit with Cutout

Maternity Photoshoot

This package is designed for future moms! Its very special moment in life, when you get your first connection with your unborn child. Its possible to do photos in studio or outside. In this package you get : 

45 mins photoshoot

2 outfit combinations

20 HDR images of you

10 HDR images after baby is born (45 mins in studio)

consultation on clothing 

Price : 300

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Small Wedding Package 

Are you having a small ceremony in municipality and small after party? This package is designed for those occassions. You would get :


 1 Online meeting to discuss your needs

3h30 mins photo reportage

1 Photographer

400 Photos in Total

Price : 750 euros

Travel costs: for weddings outside of the Hague, 

costs are not included

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Wedding Photoshoot

Medium Wedding Package

This package is ideal if you want to have covered  more of your wedding ceremony, some formal shots of bride & groom as well as the after party. 

1 online meeting to discuss your needs

6h photo reportage 

600 photos in total

1 photographer 

Price: 1200 euros

Travel costs outside the Hague and

Delft are not included

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Wedding Embrace

Large Wedding Package

Its your big day, and you decided you want to go full in! You wish that every moment is caught on camera, from early morning until the late evening.

In this package, you will get :


2 online or in person meetings, and advice on booking the venues etc

10 h reportage of your wedding

2 photographers 

Unlimited amount of  photos

Price : 1850 euros


Travel costs outside the Hague are not included 

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Wedding Ceremony Stage
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